Axis  (2018)
A Film & Song by Laura Martinelli

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Moving with the changing tides of her imagination, a troubled dancer spontaneously steps out of solitude. Run time: 5 minutes. Watch “Axis” Here

Skeeter  (2017)
Directed by Cameron Prata
Co-Written & Edited by Cameron Prata & Laura Martinelli

pam's pizzaAn impetuous woman afraid of human connection searches for purpose in a donation bin. Run time: 33 minutes. Watch “Skeeter” Here.

Rock Bottom  (2016)
Written, Directed, & Edited by Laura Martinelli
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Tom, an 8th generation oysterman, wistfully recounts his journey and the intersection of his personal and professional life. Run time: 11 minutes. Watch “Rock Bottom” Here.

“ASH”  (2015)
Written, Directed, & Edited by Laura Martinelli
Director of Photography: Francesco Dragone

A cocaine-addicted crematorium worker accidentally snorts the ashes of a woman whose place in heaven or hell will be determined by a film being made about her life while she waits in purgatory. ​Run time: 14 minutes. Watch “ASH” Here.